Accounts Receivable Management

Fairway Capital Recovery provides collections, consulting and call center services all designed to optimize cash flow.   


The experts at Fairway Capital Recovery have decades of experience with accounts receivable management.  Proper set-up on the front end of the accounts receivable process reduces the amount of collections services needed and leads to greater success if accounts reach the collection stage.  Fairway Capital Recovery offers consulting services to assist in setting up your accounts receivable process in a way that provides the greatest return on your investment.


  • Do you know what essential information should be collected from your customer?
  • Are your staff members trained to effectively contact a customer with an aged receivable?
  • Does your staff have the correct tools available to successfully recover your outstanding balances?
  • Do you know when an account should proceed to collections?
  • Are you missing steps in the collections process that can lead to a higher return on your aged receivables?

We can help!

At Fairway Capital Recovery we will work with you to personalize an approach that will be most beneficial for your company.  It is our goal to assist you in optimizing your company’s cash flow position.  We have the ability to provide guidance across a wide spectrum of accounts receivable management.  

Services include:

  • Front end process set-up
  • Efficient administrative processes
  • Form management
  • Right-sized staffing

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