Collect MoreRecovery Programs for Your Organization of Your Aged Receivables

Whether you collect your aged receivables yourself or use a collection agency, we’re confident we can collect more of your outstanding debts.  Here’s why:

We work more accounts:  Many collection agencies use analytical software to decide which accounts to try to collect.  If your company’s accounts are deemed less likely to pay, they simply don’t get worked.  We actively work more accounts, more often, so you collect more of what you’re owed.

Our debt collectors are more experienced:  On average, our people have twice the experience of debt collectors at other collection agencies.  Our debt collectors know what works.  Their experience enables them to have practical, common sense conversations with debtors to collect the maximum amount a debtor can afford. 

We use sophisticated tools:  We use third-party databases to dramatically increase the amount of information we have about each consumer debtor.  We also employ credit reporting to motivate consumers to pay their debt to you.

We analyze your accounts receivable now to minimize bad debts later:  We analyze your past-due receivables and identify steps you can take on the front end to maximize recovery if an account becomes a bad debt later.


Worry Less about Debt Collection

We Are Proud To Offer

At Fairway Capital Recovery, we spend a lot of time on your aged receivables so you don’t have to.  Here’s how we make the experience easy for you:

Painless implementation:  Ask us for help this morning and we can be collecting debts for you this afternoon.  Really, it’s that easy.  Plus, we do a kick-off meeting to understand what you want—and what you don’t—from your collection service.  Click here for more information about our implementation process (and compare it to what your current collections agency did).

The reporting you want:  A lot of collection agencies bury you in data and reports; some others never tell you anything.  We discuss what metrics matter the most to you, then we give you the information in simple, tailor-made reports.

Communication on your terms:  It’s important that we communicate with you.  It’s even more important that we do it on the timing and frequency that makes sense for you.  Tell us what good communication looks like and we’ll deliver.