You're leaving money on the table

According to statistics from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • 14.5% of consumers are in collections

  • Average account balance is $1560

  • For every 100 accounts, 15 are in collections

  • That means you're leaving $23,400 on the table for every 100 accounts.

According to, the average number of patients a doctor will see in a year is 7,716.

  • Assuming the average of 14.5% of patients go into collections, your practice could lose $1.7 million a year.

According to a report by Public Power the average number of customers an electricity provider serves is 43,845.

  • Assuming the average 14.5% of customers go into collections, your company could lose $9.9 million in past-due debts in one year.

These statistics demonstrate the importance of having the right Accounts Receivable Management partner.  Contact Fairway Capital Recovery today to personalize your ARM plan.

Your expertise is providing the services your clients need, our expertise is making sure you receive the payment that is rightly yours for that service.  Bring Fairway Capital Recovery in as your Accounts Receivable Management Partner and see your revenue increase.  Allow us to collect more, so you can worry less. 


Question the status quo

Many companies have realized outsourcing collection services are the best option for their bottom line but how do you choose the agency that is best for you?

Fairway Capital Recovery specializes in collections, but offers the opportunity for additional accounts receivable management services.  At FCR we are committed to personalizing the plan that works best for your company utilizing the innovative technology we have available.

Fairway Capital Recovery sets itself apart from the competition with:

  • Customized reporting and communication

  • Efficient administrative processes

  • Measurable results

Fairway Capital Recovery is a family-owned Accounts Receivable Management Company committed to partnering with our clients as a seamless extension of their business. Fairway Capital Recovery provides collections, consulting and call center services all designed to optimize cash flow.


The time for change is now

Fairway Capital Recovery has the ability get your account running in less than 24 hours.  Why wait, Contact Fairway Capital Recovery today to partner with a reputable and proven Accounts Receivable Management company.


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